New Instagram

This is partially an announcement and partially a test post after having some problems with my posts not showing up in my readerใ… ใ…  so hopefully this works lol.

I’ve decided to make a bullet journal-focused instagram account! I’ve been really curious about the instagram bujo community and I really wanted to post bujo photos without cluttering up my instagram account’s I just went ahead and made a second account!

You can follow me @ivgbujo on insta. See you there!

Bullet Journal | 2017 March Set-Up

This is seriously shameful posting about my March set-up literally more than half way through the month ใ… ใ…  but I’m trying to show a little follow-through and I told myself that if I was going to start posting videos on Youtube, I would do it right and have some “multi-platform marketing and engagement.” LOL. I still don’t get how to make friends on Twitter or Instagram and I already have this blog so, yeah, blog post it is!

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